Fächerahorn, Rhododendron und Azaleen (ehem. sachiko.homelinux.com)


Freely invented history without purchase to the reality, living persons or existing companies!

It is 23rd February and it´s also winter in Bielefeld. Like every day Torsten is since 10,00 o’clock in his modern office. He leanes back in his chair, looks to a pictures from Aiko that he has as monitor protection.

His thoughts circle around the led discussion with its coworkers over the inquiry from Japan. The company Kuzuami from Osaka asks him for the cooperation with the production of a new computer program. He think by himself, like also its coworkers before, about the question why such is addressed an inquiry just to a small company in Germany. If he should accept this order, he would have to travel to Osaka. In this moment he think about his wishes to visit Japan during the time of the bloom from the cherry trees, particularly since he chattet with Aiko. With the thought he looks on his clock and decides the today’s working day to terminate.

Arrived in his small two-room dwelling, he switches the coffee machine on in his small kitchen and gets itself from the refrigerator a salad. With the salad he goes in the living room. He drop him onto the small table and turns the PC on. In the Chat where he is logged in, he looks for Aiko, when the coffee smell from the kitchen reaches his nose. The smell absorbs his disappointment that he must probably still wait for Aiko a little bit. Thus he goes into the kitchen, takes themselves the thermal can with coffee as well as his large cup and goes back into the living room. While he view is strained directed toward the chatters, he enjoys his salad. Suddenly also Aiko with her alias announces itself.

They exchange the greeting empty phrases and converse over music. In the background by InterNet-Radio straight one of the pieces of favourite is played by Torsten. He asks Aiko also for informations over the forms of handling in Japan about private and business contacts. The knowledge of these is for him important, particularly since he must undertake a Japan journey, if he accepts the order. Before he can say good-bye to Aiko, she logged out. Surprised he looks on the monitor and hoped that Aiko returns again in the Chat. But in this evening he waited in vain. Against midnight he switches the computer off and asks themselves why the connection suddenly was still interrupted.

The next morning in the company his thoughts turn again around the inquiry from Japan. On a further inquiry to the desires he receives an invitation from the company Kuzuami to a personal attendance with the reference that all further one is already compelled and he only needs send its confirming by email. Totally surprised feeling he writes the answer. He thinks on Aiko and the chance to meet she there. Against noon a messenger comes into the company and presents him one personally addressed letter. In it are all informations, beside the ticket for the flight. The flight on the next day to Tokyo is booked and that he is expected there by Mr. Wu. Thus only short time remains to inform his coworkers and to pack at home the suit-case.

In the evening he hoped still with Aiko to chat and would be agree to a meeting in the hotel in Osaka. But as long as he also waits, she does not log in. On the early morning he makes itself on the way to the airport. During the flight from Frankfurt to Tokyo he thinks still about the reason and a meeting with Aiko in Osaka. Briefly before the landing in Tokyo he considered, how he could find Mr. Wu, because he is him completely unknown.

After the arrival he heard over the loudspeakers that he is expected at the information. He looked itself around, where the information will be and goes then quickly toward to the stand. He called his name and he was referred at friendly gentlemen beside itself. This introduced itself as Mr. Wu The man asked him friendly to accompany him to the car. While driving from Tokyo to Osaka Mr. Wu explained, that they would drive at first to the company from Mr. Kuzuami and he would bring him afterwards to the hotel.

At the company Mr. Wu still accompanies him arrived up to the receipt. There the receipt lady already waited. She understands herself as May Linn and asks him she to Mr. Kuzuami to accompany. She opens a door at the end of the corridor and ask him to occur, before she goes again back to the receipt.

Torstens feelings are not good because he know that the greeting is another in Japan than in Europe. Before he can realized, Mr. Kuzuami came with the stretched hand to the greeting. He told him to sit down on the couch. Short time later it knocks at the door and a young woman comes into the room with a tray on the arm. She turns it off on the table. Mr. Kuzuami offers a drink to Torsten, which he assumes with a thank. It is Sake, which is popular in Japan. While the discussion turns more around private interests, which Mr. Kuzuami from Torsten would like to know, would Torsten more details over the reason of his stay know. At the end from the meeting Mr. Kuzuami loads Torsten to have a dinner at home in the evening. They say good-bye and Torsten go back to the receipt, where already Mr. Wu waits, in order to drive him to the hotel. On the short way, Torsten ask still why he is in the large city Osaka here.
He feels exhausted of the flight and the discussion that he do not like to meet Mr. Kuzuami in three hours again. He had actually imagined a calm evening, where he could write again with Aiko.

Arrived in the hotel he settles the formalities and inquires about an InterNet connection possibility. The receptionist friendly explains that he everything which he needs in the hotel room will find. Before he goes, he asks, to bring a coffee on the room.
After Torsten is finally alone in his room, with a cup coffee in the hand and his laptop lies before himself on the table, he enjoys the view from the window of the close lying park of the large city. It does not remain to it much time to enjoy. Fast he attaches his laptop and makes the InterNet connection. He writes an email that he arrived very well and also he looks on his new emails. Facilitated is he, that under the many emails none is, where he would have to be immediately locally. To any emails he writes small notes for its coworkers and dispatches her to them. After Torsten finished this work, he had no more much time till he would meet the family Kuzuami . Particularly he pays attention to his socks, because Aiko had said that it is usual to change the shoes or even go in socks.

At the agreed upon time he met in the reception hall Mr. Wu, who fetched him. He asked Mr. Wu to be helpful when he selecting the usual small gifts in the Hotelshop. After he had settled this, they made themselves on the way.
The travel time to the family messuage did not longer than to the company. Torsten was welcomed cordially then by Mr. Kuzuami. He presented his wife and also his daughter to him. When Torsten recognized, which person he saw before itself, he did not trust his eyes. It was Aiko.

He felt however not safer thereby. During the dinner his feeling became better and thus it became a cheerful evening with Aiko and their parents.
Aiko explained to him that she had asked her father to also include him into her programming project.
Torsten was surprised, how she came on this idea, because he nothing told about his work her before. When he asked she from where she would know what he would do vocationally, she explained it to him. In the chat they had used an alias. By Google she found its alias on its private homepage. From here came she to the website of his company. Late in the evening Mr. Wu went back him again to his hotel.

The next day at the company he met Aiko and she showed him her workroom which she divided with him. Now she explained to him also exactly, where she needs his help. She explained all necessary one to Torsten. The following days they works hard, but there was also time to see the surrounding countryside from Osaka.

Fast the weeks passed and the project stood before the conclusion. So slowly Torsten had also again to Germany back, because in the meantime also problems had resulted there, which made its personal presence necessary. Everything cannot be settled to stop over the InterNet. Thus he reported Aiko, that he had to be back at the latest at the end of the week again. Aiko knew also that he has to go back, because finally his company is in Germany. She would take over the company later also from the father. On the next day Torsten prepared everything for his return. The last days passed much too fast and now they both stood on the airport of Tokyo. They said good-bye to each other and promised to remain in contact.

Continuation follows